Jun 17, 2013

Rainbow Rocking

Rainbow Rock2

When you have kids your whole world changes, including the music you listen to. Kate Moran, long time resident and rocker here in Del Ray, has started a group that caters to the preschool crowd called Rainbow Rock proclaimed “Pop rock for your little dudes”Rainbow Rock4

The Rainbow Rock crew has a monthly gig that they play at St. Elmo’s Coffee Pub on the third Monday of each month. They have other special performances that you can see listed on their website and on their Facebook page.Rainbow Rock3

My kids and I caught the Rainbow crew at St. Elmos Coffee Pub at their last performance and found plenty of preschoolers bopping and enjoying the beat. The band was playing several classic favorites such as Old McDonald and Hokey Pokey but The Rainbow Rock crew has several original songs such as crowd favorite ‘Squirrel Song’. They were also handing out musical instruments for the kids to play and allowed kids to come up and sing along with the band. The monthly performance at St. Elmos has a requested $5 donation.

Rainbow RockRainbow Lady (a.k.a. Kate Moran) began singing at an early age when her mother, Rain Storm, showered her with music and melodies. Her dad, Drop O’Sunlight, introduced her to pop and rock and she quickly knew that this was what she was meant to do! When she isn’t performing with Rainbow Rock, Rainbow Lady’s favorite spots include fountains, waterfalls, sprinklers and with a little bit of luck you just might see her in the mist of ocean waves! Playing with her best friend, Princess Fiddlesticks, her good buddy, Captain Toe Tappin and their fun side-kick Pattycake Patty simply makes her prism complete! With the Sun at her back, and clouds in the sky, the Rainbow Lady is always nearby!