Feb 26, 2012

A New Childcare facility for Del Ray!

Del Ray has a new childcare facility moving into 2609 Mount Vernon Ave.

The Nest Academy is hoping to open in April for infants as young as 6 weeks old up to their pre-school program for children up to 5 years of age.  There will be a $125 fee to register.  You can call the director Juliette for more information at 703-898-5374.

We’re sure that The Nest Academy will do well and be well received in our neighborhood. The Academy currently operates a facility in Lorton based on Erikson’s philosophy of socio-emotional development as well as Piaget’s theory that children learn by doing. They will be using the same curriculum in their new facility in Alexandria.

Here’s information that was sent to us from the school about what makes their facility different from others:

Besides our carefully studied program, here are few examples of a different way we are approaching the richness of our curriculum system in caring and teaching your child:

 *We help our children to have a natural ability to find creative uses for materials and let them create at their own space.

 *Our Staff members recognize the importance of four main things when identifying creativity in children:

1-All children are creative to some degree.

2-Some children are more creative than others.

3-Some are more creative in one area than another.

4-Our Teachers always welcome and appreciate the creative act   and the child who expresses it. 

*We encourage our children to build the habit of exercising every morning by doing it in-group in our classrooms for 15 minutes.

 *We are providing two second language fun courses at no extra cost. French on every Wednesday and Spanish on every Friday.

 *We strongly believe that the success of our program is based on establishing a mutual partnership between our staff and parents.